If you've created an Instagram Reel directly within the Instagram app you will probably have noticed by now you can't actually download the video without the Instagram watermark appearing.  This can be frustrating if you want to repurpose the video on other social platforms.

It's also not recommended to post videos with Instagram watermarks onto other platforms such as TikTok and vice versa as they've reportedly said that they will reduce the reach of the post, so it's definitely worth ensuring that it's been removed before you repurpose it elsewhere.

Easy steps to remove

So here is my really simple and easy hack for removing the watermark:

  1. First you need to head to a website called Snapinsta and a white box that says 'paste URL instagram'
  2. Go over to the instagram reel you want to remove the watermark off and copy the link
  3. Then go back into Snapinsta and paste the instagram reel URL into the box and click the 'download' button
  4. You will see some adverts pop up, just close them down
  5. You will see an image of the Reel with a blue button that says 'download video'
  6. Click the 'download video' button and it will start downloading to your phone or desktop
  7. Check the video and you will see the watermark has been removed and you're all set to posting your video elsewhere! It's really as simple as that!

As I mentioned above it's not recommended to post a video with a TikTok watermark over on Instagram as Instagram have been noted as saying they it will affect the reach of the video. There's another simple way to remove the watermark off a TikTok video and that's to head to Snapinsta's counterpart

Just head to the website and follow the instructions like above and your watermark will be removed for repurposing! So simple and saves having to worry about your reach being affected.

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